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Potsdam, NY 13676
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MAY 15  through SEPTEMBER 30, 2008

Photographs from the museum archives show the automobile in the streets of Potsdam.

Here, Chief Nelson King "ties one on," a parking ticket that is, with a string. Taken on the east side of Market Street across from what is now the Isle of You. Behind the Chief you can what are now, Josie's Pizzaria, The Bagelry, and Maxfield's. Over the windshield of the car, the last building on the left, 1 Market Street, a building constructed of Potsdam Sandstone in the slab and binder method. Every other course of stone is laid on its side to "stretch" the stone, as it was hand cut and moved by ox cart from the quarries near Hannawa Falls. The building,  built around 1840, was a Hopkins Tannery and Leather Shop. They also built the sandstone house on the corner of Main and Union Streets, now a sorority.

This image was taken from the west side of Market Street from the Ives Block, 45-47 Market. the view is of the east side of market from 30 on your far left, heading south to the Arlington at 2 Market Street. The streets were designed for horse and buggy traffic when mud played a big factor in everyday life. If you look closely you can see the Rialto Theater, the third building from the left with it's large signs and canopy over the street to protect the lines of people from the weather. # P1809


03-036 In front of H J Sanford feed store (unidentified)
04-037 Antique car (unidentified)
06 Antique car (unidentified)
07 Antique car (unidentified)

P0046 D R Larue Store - Market St

P0069 Elm Street (The Albion)
P0069 Elm Street (The Albion) Close-up #1
P0069 Elm Street (The Albion) Close-up #2

P0070 Dodge Brothers Motors Geo B Matthews (prop)
P0227 California Fruit Market 1949
P0300 Liberty Loan Parade (WWI)
P0431 Joseph Brown in auto (June 1917)
P0433 George Bulles Sr. in new taxi (Ford) 1918-20
P0437 Jacob Clough Sr 1905-1910
P0438 Potsdam Electric Light and Power Co Market Street post-1905
P0439 J Phillips (Norwood) A D Heath (Potsdam) in car 1904-1905
P0440 Model T Ford after accident
P0459 Model T Fords
P0590 Clarkson Old Main
P0686 Citizens National Bank 1923 Model T Ford
P1303 Mrs Hiram Jebo - Claire Simmons car
P1308 Howard Jebo 1919-1920

P1335 Marguarite Gurley - Helen Hosmer - Overland car
P3051 Marguerite Gurley, Helen Hosmer & Burdie Hosmer in Gurley car

P1338 Car to celebrate opening of Duffy-Rivers Clothing Store
P1341 Arthur Westcott et al - touring car - c1910
P1342 Herbert Bicknell car - NBA jerseys
P1344 Mr and Mrs Hiram Jebo
P1516 Market Street - Bicknell Block - Sullivan Store
P1907 Market Street (facing South)
P2096 Elm Street c1920

P2243 B H Snell car with Congressional plates c1925
P2555 Stuart Boucy B H Snell chauffeur with car

P2266 Flack's Garage
P2373 H W Fearl American Oil and Gasoline Station
P2373 H W Fearl American Oil and Gasoline Station (Gas Pump #1)
P2373 H W Fearl American Oil and Gasoline Station (Gas Pump #2)

P2393 Market Street Ives Bldg Heath and Landers c1915
P2410 Market Street c1920
P2547 Car wreck Eben's Crossing

P2572 Local residence and car
P2621 Elm and Market Streets (Hotel Albion)
P2626 Main Street 1920s
P2670 Market Street (Winter)
P3755 Market Street east parade c1914
P709 Market Street (east side) c1915

P2381 Motor Cycle with sidecar