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Ruth Haley Postcards

The Ruth Haley Collection of Postcards

Ruth Haley (1912-2009) was the beloved Guidance Counselor of the Potsdam High School from 1961 to 1979.  These postcards were mostly sent to her by her students when they went traveling, or she acquired others when she traveled herself.  In 1964, the Senior Class of the Potsdam High School dedicated that year's Yearbook to her.  Miss Haley was also the Potsdam High School's Advisor to the local chapter of the National Merit Society.  She was an avid hockey fan, cheering on Potsdam High School, Clarkson University, and St. Lawrence University teams.

The postcards were generously donated to the museum by Bruce Buchanan of Potsdam.  He discovered them in an old trunk of Miss Haley's that he acquired at auction with the intent of restoring it.

 <-- 1968 Potsdam Sandstoner Yearbook

(1) United States Capitol, Washington, D.C., postmarked March 7, 1956.  Part of message states, "An experience in life never to be forgotten - so much to tell".

(2) United States Capitol, postmarked April 6, 1952.  Part of the message says, "Dear Miss Haley, The weather down here is fine, the cherry trees are in bloom".

(3) Mount Vernon, Virginia, home of our first President, George Washington.   Postcard is ca. 1960.

(4) The White House, Washington, D.C.  Every American President since George Washington has lived here.  Postcard dates to ca. 1965.

(5) The Red Room in the White House,  Washington, D.C., ca. 1965.  In size and shape, the Red Room is identical to the Green Room on the other side, and is used by First Ladies to greet guests,

(6) Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, D.C.,  ca. 1965.

(7) Lincoln Memorial Statue, honoring our 15th President, Abraham Lincoln.  Sculpted by Daniel Chester French in 1920, this huge statue took four years to complete.  Postcard dates to ca. 1965.

(8) The Governor's Palace, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, postmarked April 27, 1954.  Message says in part, "Greetings from this history-making section of our country".

(9) The Monument to the Confederates in Orlando, Florida, December 13, 1950 cancellation.  The sender laments that there is no Florida sunshine and that it is very cold.

(10) Vicksburg Mississippi National Military Park, Railroad Redoubt; postcard sent in August 1971.  This was one of several small defensive earthworks which were built to help protect the city of Vicksburg from Union attack.

(11) George Washington National Masonic Memorial, Alexandria, Virginia, postmarked in February 1957.  The Masons were a Fraternal Order of which Washington was probably its most prominent member.

(12) Nisqually Glacier in Mt. Rainier National Park in the State of Washington.  ca. 1957.  The glacier is currently in retreat.  

(13) San Marcos Square in Venice, Italy, mailed in July 1956.  The postcard has a rare Morley, NY cancellation on the back, where Miss Haley lived for a white.  Morley is a discontinued post office community that has not had its own post office for  many years.

(14)  The Ducal Palace, Venice, Italy.  Sent on September 18, 1951 to Ruth from her cousin Dan Haley, who was a New York State Assemblyman from 1970 to 1976.

(15) City University, Caracas, Venezuela, sent January 14, 1974. 

(16) Eiffel Tower, Paris France, mailed August 25, 1972.  Message says in part, "Can't see everything, but sure trying hard,"

(17) Trafalgar Square Fountains, London, England, dated July 20, 1972.  A humorous part of the message on the back reads, Today I waited two hours to get into the House of Commons.  It was not what I had learned about in school - there were not many members present. One member had his feet up on a desk and another was asleep".

(18) Copenhagen, Denmark, various views, postmarked July 22, 1972. 

(19) Railroad Station in Utrecht, the Netherlands, sent in the Summer of 1972.

(20) Fish Market in Utrecht, the Netherlands, sent in the Summer of 1972.

(21) Flower Market in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, mailed December 8, 1973 (?). Part of the message reads, "Amsterdam is still my favorite city.....I bought a Eurail Pass which lets you travel as much as you like on European trains, 1st class, for 21 days."  Sent to Ruth by her cousin Dan Haley.

(22) St. Louis Gate, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, ca. 1935.  Past this gate is what is known as the old Walled City.

(23) View of Corner Brook, Newfoundland.  Postmarked from Gander, Newfoundland on August 26, 1952.  Newfoundland had only joined Canada three years earlier, in 1949.  The message reads in entirety, "Hello!  Aunt Virginia.  Here we Gander now!"  (get the joke?)

(24) California State Capitol and Mall, Sacramento, California, sent to Ruth Haley from her cousin Dan Haley in May 1972.  The message in part reads, "This Legislature makes ours look medieval!"  Dan Haley was an Assemblyman in Albany from 1970 to 1976.

(25) Drumheller Fountain, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, sent in September 1973.  The message from Peg Sturdevant says in part, "Seems to me you should come out here to look over the University so that you could recommend it to your students."

(26) Mount Eisenhower in the Canadian Rockies, mailed from Banff, Alberta on July 27, 1972.

(27) The Skylon and Victoria Park, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, ca. 1975.

(28) Ronda, Costa del Sol in the South of Spain, Main Entrance to the "Plaza de Toros", used for bull fighting.  The message on the back contains an interesting request: "Dear Miss Haley, Please sometime before the middle of August, when you have time make a copy of my transcript and send it (to me).  I'm going to be in Potsdam next year - I wasn't accepted to Nursing School.  I'll try again.  And I'm looking forward to a year in Potsdam - I really like winter in Potsdam"  Sent July 2, 1972. 
(I'm sure the writer would rather be in Nursing School!)

(29) Rome, Italy, "Circular" Postcard, ca. 1975.

(30) Kerr Dam, Flathead Lake, Western Montana, "Giant" Postcard, sent August 21, 1950.