Civic Center, 2 Park Street
Potsdam, NY 13676
(315) 265-6910

 Archives Outline

Historical and Genealogical Records

I. Genealogical Records

    A. Reference and Resources list
    B. Early Potsdam Families
        See also:  IIA Early Settlements
                       IIB Centennial Celebrations

    C. Individual Families
    D. Miscellaneous deeds and legal papers
    E. Cemeteries Censuses
    F. Early Census Records
    G. Diplomas and Certificates
    H. Births, Marriages and Deaths

II. Potsdam and Vicinity History

    A. Early Settlements

        1. Potsdam
        2. Chapman Papers
        3. Settlements
        4. St. Lawrence County
        5. Civil War 1861-1865
        6. Historic Buildings Survey
        7. Photographs

    B. Potsdam- Centennial Celebrations
    C. Berry Papers
    D. Churches
    E. Businesses

        1. Manufacturing and Early Industry
        2. Dr. Thatcher, Milk Bottle and other Patents
        3. Retail Establishments (see cards II.E.3 for lists and locations)
        4. Business Ledgers and Account Books
        5. Historical Research Studies on Potsdam Businesses

    F. Railroads
    G. Banks
    H. Water and Electric Power
    I. Newspapers
    J. Professionals (Doctors, etc.)
    K. Theaters and Circuses
    L. Weather Events
    M. Houses (by street name and number)

III. Government and Municipal Services

    A. Municipal
    B. Health Related Organizations
    C. Fire Department
V. Diaries

    A. William Raymond
    B. Other Diaries and Account Books
    C. Josiah Brown's replica watches
    D. Misc. Diaries (authors unknown)
    E. Henry S. Allen
    F. Amos W. Brown
    G. Capt. Thomas Hickey (see Civil War Index)

VI. Education Resources

    A. Elementary and Secondary Schools
    B. ST. Lawrence Academy
    C. State University College at Potsdam
        1. Historical Material
        2. SUNY Course of Study and Commencements
        3. SUNY Clubs and Organization
        4. SUNY Alumni
        5. SUNY Faculty and Trustees
        6. Crane School of Music
    D. Clarkson College of Technology and Clarkson University
    E. Canton, ATC and Canton College

VII. Sewell Raymond Papers

    Biography, Arrangment, Index and Descriptive Inventory in Separate Book. Boxes VI.

VIII. Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany (our sister city)